A New York calendar

Russian Vodka Night with Tun, Sophie, Sarah and Div

Russian Vodka Night! Left to right: Tun, Sophie, Sarah, Div and me

It’s never the brightest move to pause a blog for two weeks while exploring life in a new city because so much can happen in such a short amount of time. And indeed, so much has happened in such a short amount of time!

I really should be sleeping right now because I have to get up for work in three and a half hours, but that in itself is something that deserves a blog post of its own. Since I’ve been surviving on an average of five or six hours of sleep every night in New York and I really need to get as much sleep as I can on weekdays, I’m going to have to give you a really quick rundown of what I’ve been up to.

First, I have a job. What? Yep. I have a job. On Day 10 in New York I received a phone call with a full-time job offer at the end of it as a Sales Coordinator for a large company near Times Square that sells media advertisements. I started last Monday.

Trying to move the big black box in the village with Terri

Trying to move the big black box in the village with Terri

And second, I have awesome New York friends. I don’t know how I got so lucky! My social calendar has never been quite as full as it’s been here in this metropolitan hub, and the coolest part is that almost everyone is from somewhere else. Under the long list of countries covered (and this is just for the people that I’ve hung out with three or more times), we’ve got India, Bangladesh, Burma, France, Germany, Ireland, Guatemala, Ukraine, Italy, and Australia. Most of the time, we meet for dinners, all-day brunches or drinks. Other times, we drive up to Connecticut to get beat up by a tiny hill while snowtubing and take home black and blue souvenirs that seem to last forever, or have a super late Russian vodka night in Brighton Beach. I could write entire books about the fascinating lives every one of these friends has lived, but I would much rather go out with them and listen to more of their stories.

Instead of backtracking and publishing entire posts about specific events, I’m going to pull out a lazy calendar and list whatever I can recall off the top of my head and you can pretend you’re snooping through my agenda. By the way, I’m using a paper agenda again because my Vancouver mobile committed suicide last week.

Schmexy Pat at Dylan's Candy Bar

Schmexy Pat at Dylan's Candy Bar

Monday (01/30) I was missing my favourite Aussie Sarah, so being the crazy awesome digital whiz kid and international networking genius that she is, she wrote a blog post for me and put me in touch with Pat from Brissie. We met up at Dylan’s Candy Bar for ice cream and chatted about New York, Australia, other parts of the states and other random stuff. It’s a nifty candy store with a bar on the top level that has cute cupcake booths!

Tuesday (01/31) Div and I met for coffee at La Colombe and conversation at Housing Works Bookstore. Housing Works is a not-for-profit mainly volunteer-driven used bookstore that provides funding for homelessness and AIDS programs in New York. I would definitely recommend a visit! When I got back to Brooklyn I found George sitting on the couch so we went out for late night deli sandwiches on the boardwalk.

Sidenote: I know I’m missing explanations of how I met everyone, but it would take me forever and a half to get through everything so I’m just listing some places and events of note for reference.

Wednesday (02/01) The day started with more Russian cuisine (blintzes) which I’ve been eating a lot of, and I spent the day being a tourist. I watched Phantom of the Opera which I’ve been wanting to see since I was a kid, walked around Chinatown, took a ferry to Staten Island and felt a lot better after talking with a stranger from Oklahoma about the idea of moving to New York.

Exploring the streets

Exploring the streets

Thursday (02/02) I accepted the job offer and spent the day thinking about what this meant. Since it was Thursday (the day my weekly column is due), I also did a lot of writing.

Friday (02/03) The day was spent running around trying to get some paperwork approved, and opening a US bank account. I went out for cake and dinner (in that order) afterwards with two of my new coworkers, and drinks with Terri and Erin at a couple of bars in the East Village. We had gone to Greenwich Village Bistro for dinner and they had a live jazz band playing which was a nice touch.

Saturday (02/04) I sent out my laundry for the first time and had to wait for a Fedex package to arrive in the morning (THANK YOU ANG!!). In the afternoon I almost got hit by a car that ran through the store I was in. And that night, Jetson and I went to Nuela, Tillman’s, and another lounge in the Chelsea area. I loved the food at Nuela and the atmosphere and music at Tillman’s was perfect! The company was pretty good too. ;)

Sunday (02/05) Sunday brunch at Div’s is always awesome. Sarah, Sophie, Tun, Elena, Deepa, and Andrew were all there. And yes, I’m using names now because it’s going to get too confusing if I keep referring to people as generic “friends”. I left before the Superbowl because I had work the next morning.

So attractive right? Sophie me and Sarah at dinner

So attractive right? Sophie me and Sarah at dinner

Monday (02/06) First day of work! Woot woot! Again, I feel super lucky that everyone I work with is amazing! I met up with Div, Sarah and Sophie for dinner at an Italian cafeteria-style place.

Tuesday (02/07) I met up with Jetson for a quick bite and wandered around the village for a bit while chatting with Terri on the phone that night.

Wednesday (02/08) I went straight back after work and spent the evening talking with Borys and Mat (my usual evening activity). Borys has been my roommate since I arrived so we’ve spent a lot of time having philosophical debates just about every other night before bed. He left this weekend though, so I’m missing a piece of my New York puzzle. :(

Thursday (02/09) Thursdays are writing days and after work I took a long walk around the neighbourhood with a gyro.

Snowtubing in Woodbury CT with Zoe and friends

Snowtubing in Woodbury CT with Zoe and friends

Friday (02/10) I met with some interesting guys (and gal) who work with digital media, and then met up with Div, Terri, Sophie, Sarah, Andrew, Tun, and Clare for wine at Eataly, falafel at Maoz (yummilicious!), and then set off for an adventure in Brighton Beach! We went to a place called Primorski and had the rudest server ever, but it was still a fun time and we came up with a great drinking game: a topic is chosen and everyone at the table tells a personal story about it; the person that gets the most votes for best story chooses who drinks, and the person with the lamest story also drinks. We polished off a bottle of vodka just in time for closing.

Saturday (02/11) The day seemed wasted with errands, but I got a call from Ang and Morten soon after she found her engagement ring (Morten just bought it)!! I was so happy that I was practically screaming in the store. <3 That night I met up with Terri and Zoe and we drove up to Connecticut to meet Sari, Kent, Deb and Erin for snowtubing in Woodbury. I fell out of the tube more than once, hit my head, and was dragged at one point when we made a caterpillar run, but it was so worth it! We tried all the different tubes and ended the night with dinner in Norfolk where Terri and I pretty much made the restaurant area a personal karaoke / dance bar.

With my philosophical buddy Borys

With my philosophical buddy Borys

Sunday (02/12) Brunch at Div’s with a special birthday guest from Holland! Tun brought a cake for Priya, and the usual brunch festivities commenced with the aid of a ghetto blaster. Eva, Sarah, Sophie, Doug, Clare and Nicole were all there too.

Monday (02/13) After work, Doug and I tried to win tickets to The Book of Mormon but discovered that Broadway shows don’t usually play on Mondays. Organizational fail. We skipped plan B (skating in Bryant Park) and went straight for Thai food.

And now you’re finally sort of caught up! As you can see, I haven’t been much of a tourist in New York. I think this is a good thing. There are a few places that I need to check off sometime this year though (ex. MOMA, a bunch of restaurants, etc).

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