A typically random Monday night in NYC

Top recordings of all timeWhether you know it yet or not, you love New York. But how can I be so sure? I’m sure because I, like the other 8.2 million people living here, have learned that the city can be whatever you decide it to be. Your New York and my New York are completely different, but they’re both exactly what we want.

I love experiencing the city from someone else’s perspective which is why I had so much fun last night. It was one of those typically random nights in New York. My favourite.

After work I took the train to the Lower East Side for a casual storytelling event at a UCB theatre and got some practice in front of the mic before grabbing a slice and a root beer next door. The place wasn’t packed, but it was busy enough that there was only one vacant seat.

The person seated across from me was reading Dostoyevsky so of course we started talking literature. He turned out to be a Danish avant-garde jazz drummer visiting New York for a month as part of a government music grant. But of course! How could I have expected anything else?

After pizza, we took our sodas to a small jazz venue on Avenue C that’s sole marker is a small label the size of a name tag on the front door. I would’ve missed it completely if I didn’t have a guide. And what kind of music were they playing? Klezmer big band jazz with a bit of improv from a guest bongo player from the poet’s café down the street. Naturally!

The band was super talented but after the intermission we left to check out what was on stage at Rockwood Music Hall and I finally had a drink in the “third room” that most people don’t know about because there are no signs for it. Entering the room from the music hall feels as though you’re trespassing into an employee’s only area since you have to go through two unmarked doors past the restroom. We spent the rest of the night making lists of the greatest recordings of all time and exchanged them on post-it notes so we each have new playlists to explore.

And that’s a Monday! ;)