Present Yourself to the Rope

Who loves trying out new and wonderfully random things? I know I do!

Tonight I went to a Meetup event where a bunch of us beginners tried slacklining. It’s like tightrope walking, but on a stretchy piece of tubing. The event was organized by Kerry of the RAA Meetup Group, and his guest Scott Emmons was our slacklining expert / teacher for the day.

My very first attempt at slacklining (sans presentation / attack)


I figured it was just about balancing, and it sort of is… but you can’t balance when you’re thinking about a million things at once, and you also can’t go forward without confidence that you’re going to step where you want without looking or even thinking. Am I being metaphorical enough?

Once I finally got to that point of relaxation where there was nothing but that dot on the tree to stare at, it was suddenly a lot easier to keep that rope still under my foot and lift myself up. Once I didn’t think anymore, it was easier to get where I wanted to be going.

Thanks to Scott for teaching us how to “present [our]selves to the rope” and then to “attack” with confidence, and to Kerry for getting us all together! :)

5 thoughts on “Present Yourself to the Rope”

  1. The way you describe it is how I describe rockclimbing – you have to let your thoughts go out the window and can only think about what you’re doing. Funnily enough the rockclimbers at Kangaroo Point usually have a slackline set up too :-)

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