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My article about the launch of Trade School Vancouver‘s barter-for-knowledge community was published today in Vancouver 24 Hours (page 18). I actually approached the organizers to get their press release because I love supporting ideas that help grow collaborative communities – especially ones that make education more accessible. And really, it’s about time Vancouver got something like this! For years New York has been home to places like Trade School, Skillshare, Brooklyn Brainery, and all sorts of other organizations that offer community classes or free workshop space. It’s places like these that make the city such a great place to live.

As I was catching up on the day’s news, I stumbled across a WSJ article about “Tech’s Over-Sharing Economy“. Fowler and Rusli describe how the latest sweep of apps is allowing everyone to share everything from cars to mac n’ cheese. I had made a big pan of curry and rice using my new 8-cup monster of a rice maker and was eating a bowl of it while reading the piece. Since it’s such a pain in the arse to cook for one (and also because my cooking skills are seriously lacking), I was thinking that I would happily have paid to eat a home cooked meal at a stranger’s house knowing it had none of the additives that can appear in restaurants and all of the company you’d need to make it a proper occasion. Why not? Like Trade School, Skillshare or any of the other community-based organizations, these new apps are bringing people together to share what they have and more effectively use their combined resources.

All of it reminds me of What’s Mine is Yours by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers. In case you’re interested in an introduction to “The Rise of Collaborative Consumption”, I recommend giving it a second glance. It’s a quick read.