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Mo sexy and we know it

 Sexy Bridesmaids

We're sexy and we know it ;{D




Today’s picture of the day comes courtesy of Movember! Bee and I went to pick up our bridesmaids dresses in our mo’s. Sexy. I know.

Remember to visit our group page at www.mosista.co/mymoisbigger and click the DONATE button! :)


As a sidenote, I wore my mo to class for the first time today. My prof. pledged to support Movember because in his words “got to give her something. She’s got hair glued to her face!” Thanks Dr. Baier!

On my way to class, a couple on the skytrain also tapped my shoulder to ask what the mo was all about. I told them it was in support of Prostate Cancer Canada through Movember, and they gave me $4.25 for the cause! Thanks Dave and Paula!