These streets will make you feel brand new

Times Square

Times Square

All the TV shows are back on air and I’ve begun to notice a common theme: New York. It’s the city where two broke girls are now living together, where Pan Am takes flight for the first time (this season anyway), where a guy tells a long-winded story of how [he] met your mother, the place that Glee members dream of moving to, where six friends found each other, and home to a diner that Seinfeld frequents just about every day. It’s also the place where Spiderman had his first kiss, the Devil wears Prada, a shopaholic can’t get enough green scarves, you can have breakfast at Tiffany’s, a girl meets Santa at Macy’s on 34th street, and four women find sex [in] the city. It’s no wonder everyone searches for flights to New York at least once in their lives – both the big screens and the smaller ones in our living rooms have programmed it into our minds to go!

After receiving my social security card in the mail I’ve found myself especially drawn to the bright lights of New York because now I have an opportunity to actually see everything the city has to offer – something that takes much more time than a single visit. After seeing photos from one friend’s trip to MoMA, hearing another friend’s story about a chill underground jazz club, listening to another friend’s adventures trying to find the best clubs in NY, yet another friend’s trip to East New York for cool sneakers at a discount, and another friend’s research on graffiti in NY, and then even another friend’s vacation in Manhattan, well I’ve realized two things: 1. I have lots of really cool friends who have been to New York at least once in the past year, and 2. I have to go back to New York because I obviously didn’t spend enough time there on my first visit.

The first time I visited New York, I was with Ang and Morten on our circumnavigating trip around the USA and we were all still sick from having caught Morten’s bug way back in the southern states. We arrived at night and took the train to Times Square for dinner at a pizza shop with really rude servers (so rude in fact that I almost walked back over to them to tell them off). The next day, I had originally made plans to meet BJITW Angie Orth but felt so craptastic that I bailed (which I regret because I haven’t been able to catch up with her since). Ang, Morten and I spent the day walking around the city, Central Park, and ended up back in Manhattan with my old high school friend Dani who took us on a tour of his office right next to Times Square and we had dinner at a little vegetarian curry place in the Village. We left the next morning, but not before visiting New Jersey for cupcakes. Our little tour of the city felt rushed and now I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot. So friends, I’m compiling a list of “Must-Do!” things for the next time I go to New York and would really appreciate your feedback: What do I have to do the next time I go to New York?

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