Zoo with Two

My favourite shot: Father and son watching a rhino

My favourite shot: Father and son watching a rhino

At least once a week, I do something new that can only be done in New York City. Sometimes it’s watching a movie at a new venue with Rooftop Films, checking out a beer festival I haven’t been to at Smorgasburg, or even just listening to an unknown band at my favourite music hall.¬†Exploring new events and opportunities makes me feel as though the city is refreshed each weekend.

There are some times though that I end up going to the same places to see / hear / taste the same things. This is equally awesome because I get to experience things using a new lens. Figuratively, and now also literally. I bought a new camera last month! I haven’t been posting photo galleries because the NextGen Gallery plugin that I use had a bug, but it’s since been fixed so I’ll probably be posting a lot more going forward.

I loved my big kid day at the Bronx Zoo last summer so this past weekend I went again and packed two PB&Js instead of just one. Here are a few photos from our field trip.


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